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Irregular bedtimes could disrupt wholesome mind development in younger children, in response to a research of intelligence and sleeping habits. An increase, enlargement, or development, esp in the activities of a company. Development synonyms. Phrase Origin late Middle English (as a noun): from Anglo-Norman French, or from Latin situs ‘native position’. Word Origin early 17th century: from late Latin expansio(n-), from Latin expandere (see develop).development

Commission on Progress and Development. Present senses stem from a notion of ‘opening out’, giving rise to the sense ‘development’. Word Origin late Middle English (in the sense ‘incitement’): from Old French, or from Latin instigatio(n-), from the verb instigare (see instigate).

Progressive meaning: 1. growing or occurring step by step: 2. Progressive concepts or techniques are new and trendy, encouraging change in society or in the best way that things are achieved: three. Occurring definition: 1. something that has occurred: 2. a efficiency or related occasion that happens without preparation 3. A occurring place is extremely fashionable and exciting: Learn more.

Evolution definition: Evolution is defined as the method of growth and development or the idea that organisms have grown and developed from past organisms. Definition of development within the dictionary. The invention course of is a course of inside an overall engineering and product development course of.development

Info and translations of development in the most complete dictionary definitions useful resource on the web. Phrase Origin mid 16th century: from Latin successus, from the verb succedere ‘come shut after’ (see succeed). Definition of origin for English Language Learners.development

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