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Irregular bedtimes might disrupt healthy mind development in young children, in response to a study of intelligence and sleeping habits. Occasion definition, one thing that occurs or is thought to be taking place; an occurrence, particularly certainly one of some significance. Find 1,721 synonyms for development and different similar phrases that you can use as a substitute primarily based on 35 separate contexts from our thesaurus.development

Taking place definition is – one thing that occurs : occurrence. Progress is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Forward or onward motion towards a destination., Development towards an improved or more advanced condition. Circumstance definition: The definition of a circumstance is a state that you are in, the main points surrounding a state of affairs, or a condition that causes one thing to occur.development

Find one other phrase for development. The primary stage of Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development occurs between start and one year of age and is the most fundamental stage in life. A nicely-thought-out employee development plan gives your employees with opportunities and clear path on the way to improve their skills and advance their careers.development

Word Origin mid sixteenth century (originally within the sense ‘final result, end result’): from Latin eventus, from evenire ‘end result, occur’, from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out of’ + venire ‘come’. Definition of final result : something that follows in consequence or consequence a stunning outcome patient outcomes of bypass surgical procedure We’re still awaiting the final outcome of the trial.

Quote-journal, date=2013-07-19, writer= Ian Pattern, volume=189, situation=6, web page=34, journal=(The Guardian Weekly) , title= Irregular bedtimes might affect kids’s brains, passage=Irregular bedtimes could disrupt wholesome mind development in younger youngsters, in keeping with a study of intelligence and sleeping habits.